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Securely Share and Receive Business Documents with G Suite

Posted by Ally Bee Findeiss on 1/11/20 10:32 AM

File security and brand awareness are important to every organization and our agency especially. We always protect our clients' business information and ideas, while also representing your brand with email addresses matching your doman.

Our team uses G Suite to securely and efficiently send files with clients, team members or publicly on the web with the click of a button. G Suite has a HIPPA compliant server system, so we can focus on creating our client's branding and marketing strategy. Quickly send files to clients privately or share your ideas with the world with the click of a permission button by file or folder.



Security-first business server with approved by the world's leading security standards ISO 27001, HIPPAA, EU Model Contract Clauses, General Data Protection Regulation, U.S. FERPA.


G Drive (Free) vs. G Suite (Paid)

  • Business settings include creating team members and their permissions
  • Branded email for your corporation; ie: (free) vs. (paid)
  • Extra calendar features to set your availability or share your calendar with team members
  • Document sharing within organization, or anyone who has logged in with a company email

Implement Easily with G Suite Learning

Everyone learns differently and at alternative pace. G Suite Learning enables you and your team to learn at your own pace to maximize G Suite's many features.

Transparency and Security

Data Processing Addendum Emailed by The G Suite Team on October 30,2019
What do I need to know?

The Data Processing Addendum (DPA) has been updated to:

  • improve Google’s audit and security commitments, and bring the description of Google’s security measures up to date;
  • improve Google’s commitments with respect to impact assessments, prior consultations and data subjects’ rights; and
  • reflect new features, such as Data Regions for G Suite.

We have also simplified various sections of the DPA, and added terms to account for the possibility of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

What do I need to do?

To ensure that you benefit from the updated DPA, we recommend that you review and accept it in the Google Admin console by following the detailed instructions located on the Compliance Amendments for G Suite and Cloud Identity page or in the Accepting the G Suite DPA video.

If you have further questions, please contact Google’s Cloud Data Protection Team via the Admin console or your regular customer support channel.

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