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Save Time and Money in Your Business in 2019: Tech Tools & Streamlining Tips

Posted by Ally Bee Findeiss on 1/2/19 4:03 PM

Are you reaping the benefits of technology to streamline your business? Companies save their employees time, and themselves money by optimizing their marketing, sales, and service pipelines. 


A chatbot is your 24/7/365 service team member. Most customers ask the same questions. Imagine your FAQs being automatically sent to your customer without using one of your team members valuable time. You can prompt it to request for someone's name and email to follow up, gathering a lead for your business with a brief robot conversation. Qualify leads, book meetings, and offer service support all with the chatbot. Sounds too good to be true, but it's not.



Project Management 

Projects can involve a lot of teamwork and a lot of emails. It can create confusion when many people are commenting about a project within a long email chain. 

Did you know the most efficient companies do not use email for internal communication?

It may be time for your organization to implement a project management system. There are many tools available today - it can make your head spin. Personally, I'm a loyal customer of Teamwork. Disney, Forbes, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton, Spotify, and PayPal use Teamwork to manage their projects and workflow. It's priced to grow with your organization, 30-day free trail and your first two projects are free, forever.

Learn more about the benefits of Teamwork which integrates with your other favorite platforms:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • HubSpot
  • Quickbooks
  • ZenDesk
  • FreshBooks
  • and more...


Email Templates

How many hours a day do you spend emailing customers? Do you write the same emails daily? 

Imagine how much time you would save using a platform that you can insert templates and saying abbreviations that will add your most frequent sayings. Gain time in your life by optimizing your email communication. You can streamline the way your organization sounds in email through a central email template database, keeping your brand message consistent. HubSpot saves sales and service teams time and keeps the brand messaging consistent throughout the marketing, sales and service process. 

Read 10 Sales Email Templates with 60% or Higher Open Rates.

HubSpot emails are sent through the top email systems GMail and Outlook. Tracking code is added to help you gain analytic insight on when emails are opened in both email campaigns and one-to-one communications.


Schedule a Meeting

Are you frustrated by the process of coordinating meetings to fit everyone's schedule? The question, "When are you available?" can become a series of three or more emails to coordinate a time to link up. Look how easy it is to book a meeting with me, based on my real-time availability. Create your own meeting link today.

Image result for hubspot meetings


Save Time

Every minute of your time is valuable. Ally Bee Design helps companies run more efficiently by streamlining their marketing, sales, and service departments to better serve their customers. There are many solutions on the market, finding the best technology can be a long process.

Schedule a meeting with me to share your current problems and points of friction in your organization. Make your business more efficient in 2019. We can work together to create your best solution. Consulting can include finding the best tools, setting them up, training your team, and ongoing consulting.

Ensure your next technology investment will save your organization time and money with a guide to help you.


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