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Marketing 101: Creating a marketing plan.

Posted by Allison Findeiss on 8/13/17 1:30 PM
Marketing is about putting the right message in the correct place to attract your potential customer. It is important to maximize your time and effort marketing your business.

Researching and planning are crucial components to your marketing plan. It is more than just signing up for every social media platform, posting cute videos and funny memes to attract people. It is about attracting the most peope most likely to convert leads.


The Right Message

Step into the shoes of your target customer. Write about something that sparks their interest and attracts them to your website. Help them solve the problems they are Googling.


The Right Person

Do you really know your customers? Create a profile of your customer's interests and online habits, so you can maximize your marketing efforts. Jump into the shoes of your target customer.

This tool will help you create your customer buyer personas and think differently about your customers today


The Right Media and Methods

The location of your marketing message is vital to your marketing success. If you are focused on a social media platform where your target customer is not engaged, it will fail to attract new business. For example, if you have a online women's clothing business Pinterest will increase more traffic to your site than Twitter. On Pinterest 81% of the users are women who account for 93% of the pins. Twitter is a news outlet used to announce current events or thoughts in 140 characters. Since Pinterest is an image-based sharing platform, it is better for modeling clothing.


Magnetic Customer Marketing

Once you clearly understand your customers, you can cater your marketing messages and media to optimize results. These concepts work together to maximize results and profitability. There is no reason to increase traffic to your website if they are not someone who will purchase your product or use your service.

There is a strategy behind successful marketing campaigns and data to support the plan of action. Once your plan is in action, you will track blog and social media post engagement. Analyze which messages and media receive the most engagement. Focus your efforts on the most successful media and messaging for your business.


Next 5 Steps:

  1. Find out who a customer is and what they research about.
  2. Write about topics that will help your customer solve their problems.
  3. Publish
  4. Analyze
  5. Repeat

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